Ynot 2011 day 1 part 1

Arriving on the Friday afternoon of the festival is probably not recommended. Arriving already pretty wasted while theres imminent bands to take in probably isn’t recommended either. But I persevere. This being my first time attending Ynot obviously everything is very new to me, but with travel and arrival being done with relative ease all is well.

As these things sometimes go, the more you sit around the campsite having a good time, some bands become expendable. With already missing YOUSLUT due to the shuttle buses arrival time, a bit of enthusiasm is lost. But after a few hours “motivation” it’s time to hit the arena to catch solo act Karima Francis.

In this world of oh so many average singer-songwriters wanting to “share there pain”, Karima is a welcomed change. Her songs have genuine meaning and structure, unlike so many contrived girls at open mic nights around the country. Karima Francis is definitely one to look out for in the future, bringing something familiar, yet new.

A quick dart to the main stage to catch new 4 piece Futures, but I’d feel patronizing ¬†referring to a band this accomplished as anything other than an old hand at this. Futures play a storming set, seeming to win over the crowd and hopefully making new fans to boot. They have the ability, they have the presence, they have the songs. The stadiums are waiting for you boys..

With some time to kill I make a quick visit to the infamous Ynot bar. A bit different from your typical festival fayre as the majority of whats on offer is locally sourced real ale and traditional cider. I have no idea what I ordered but I can only assume that someone cracked open a car battery and it into my pint cup. Refreshing none the less.

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